Successful Together: Spring Time: Wear it or SHARE it!

March 07, 2011

Spring Time: Wear it or SHARE it!

Spring Time: Wear it or SHARE it!

You ever look in your closet at all those clothes but have nothing to wear? Been there done that! With it getting to be spring time, almost time to hide the winter clothes and pull out somethings to help get some sun on this pale body, I love it. Sometimes :) I have a severe dislike of going through my clothes. But I had some inspiration that I have been meaning to share for sometime that I need to personally harness and hopefully will strike a chord for some of yall out there to get you started :)

We will call this Amy's boots.

I found this super cute sweater dress at goodwill and had been putting off getting some leggins until I found some cheap ones. I finally found some for $3 at Walmart (SCORE!) so I decided to break the outfit out for work. I work it with some flat Mary Jane shoes. Cute enough. It was after lunch-ish when Amy and her mom, Lisa said "why dont you try these boots on?" They were cute, black, slouchy leather. And about 2 sizes too big. (nothing that can't be fixed with some of Ed's socks!)  I started to protest then said "Sure, Why not?" I loved them. They made me feel awesome. And they completed my outfit!! So you can imagine my heart when she said "You can have them if you want." "Really, I can have them? Are you sure?" It is hard to explain what exactly happened then, but I can only describe it as a new sense of confidence. Since that day, I have found my self getting back to my "roots" so far as trying not to wear the exact same things every day, and even getting a tad more...stylish? than I have been in a good long time.

So the moral of this story, If you aren't using it, share it with someone who can. Whether that be a friend, or goodwill! Clear out some stuff and make room for some more, even if you really only end up with the warm and fuzzys. You never know when one small act can make a big difference to someone else.

I challenge you! Wear it...or share it!!!

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