Successful Together: Pink Duckie Punch

June 28, 2011

Pink Duckie Punch

So you don't HAVE to make it pink, and you don't HAVE to put duckies in it....but come ON NOW!!
Look at it!!!

We had this at my BFF Lorin's baby shower and it was a HIT! Easy and not so bad for you either!
makes two batches totaling about 20 cups

1- 8 serving container of raspberry sherbet
1- 3 liter ginger ale, cold( you could use diet to cut back on the PPV if you want)
2 quarts prepared Crystal Light (we used Strawberry Banana Orange)

In a punch bowl, pour in 1 quart of the prepared crystal light. Scooping out in chunks, put about 1/2 of the container of sherbet in the crystal light. Now pour 1.5 liters of the ginger ale SLOWLY over the sherbet (this is what creates the bubbles). Drop in your ducks and you are ready to go! Once punch is depleted most of the way, repeat these steps!

makes 20 1 cup servings @ 2 Points+ each
or 40 1/2 cup servings @ 1 Points + each.

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  1. What an absolutely cute idea.

  2. I went all over the Outer Banks last week to make this for a baby shower and no one had Raspberry sherbet! I ended up trying Hawaiian Punch Light w/Splenda, Diet 7-up, and rainbow sherbet! It was so good and I didn't feel as guilty enjoying it!

    1. That stinks! We found it at Foodlion in Elizabeth City! I am glad you enjoyed your punch :)


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