Successful Together: Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken Breasts

June 02, 2011

Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken Breasts

No introduction necessary!

2 1/3 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts cut in to 7 servings ( about  5.28 oz each!)
8 tablespoon Lawry's Lemon Pepper Marinade.
Sprinkle Onion Garlic Grill Seasoning
Sprinkle Cajun Seasoning

Put chicken and marinade in a sealed bag and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes (per the bottle) I let mine sit all day while I was at work.

Preheat the grill over medium heat, lay out a piece of foil on the grill surface, spray lightly with PAM and dump chicken and marinade on to the foil. Spread out in a single layer. Cook til done (mine took about 10 minutes on each side)Sprinkle with seasoning when putting on the grill, and after turning!

1 serving of chicken ( 1 piece) = 4 Points+

We had ours with some canned yellow squash and mashed potatoes.
Not bad for 6 Points+
Ed said he liked it but wouldn't want to have it for dinner EVERY night.

Linked at: Recipes for the Grill



  1. We just tried a new Lawry's: Szechuan Sweet and Sour BBQ. Excellent! You should try. We did with chicken, on the grill. I thought it was going to over power it, but it didn't. I marinated at lunch time until dinner time (about 4-5 hours).

  2. Mmm That Marinade sounds GOOD! I will have to look in to that. I have really just started using marinades in an attempt to make chicken more palatable for my hubby. Thank you for sharing Beth!!

  3. Haha, me too! I love chicken, especially grilled, but Jake gets tired of it. So, I have to come up with different flavors so he's okay with eating it as much I want to.


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