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About Me

About Me:

Hello :)
My name is Angie & I live in Anderson, SC with my loving Hubby and our three Furbabies.

I love to save money with coupons, and help keep my life on track with Weight Watchers. I became a lifetime member in September of 2008 and have been able to keep off the 40 pounds I lost. I used to not be an adventurous eater, and I am still not by some standards. I am just a picky eater gone rogue. I love experimenting with new recipes!

Want to contact me? email me at angieaugs(at)

About Successful...Together:

When this blog was first started back in Mayish of 2010 it was originally called "Angie's Perfect Place" sort of a haven where I could come post some recipes (most other peoples!) and couponing stories. I decided to take this in a different direction back in Decemberish 2010, when the Weight Watchers meeting I had been attending/working closed down and moved to another location. It bummed me out, but THIS is where I came back. I started posting more recipes (of my own) and felt the title needed to be changed as I didn't want this to just be about me. On an broad spectrum, if even one recipe can help you in any way, I want us to be Successful Together. .

While I do work as a part time employee for Weight Watchers, this blog is NOT endorsed by them; all views expressed in this blog are my own (unless otherwise noted).
As a general disclaimer, my recipes and PointsPlus results are figured using the ingredients that I have at home/ I suggest re-figuring your values since products can vary by brand and there is always that lovely little thing I like to call human error :)

I have a new addition to the blog, this guy:
to show recipes that I made and my hubby enjoyed as well. Somethings won't have his seal because they may have an ingredient he didn't like, but most of them will be my throw together breakfasts, which he is not home for.