Successful Together: PB2 Fluff with (insert fruit of choice here!)

March 12, 2011

PB2 Fluff with (insert fruit of choice here!)

I hear so many great food combos from so many great people it is hard to keep up with! I THINK this is from Annette & Sheri

1 container of Greek Yogurt ( I used Voskos Honey Vanilla Bean 5.3 oz)
3 tablespoons dry PB2 (experiment til you get the flavor/consistency you want!)
**Next time I make this, I think I will only use 2 tablespoons!***
1 serving of your favorite fruit (strawberry, apple, banana, etc)

Dump yogurt in a bowl and add pb2 ( I suggest doing it about 1 tablespoon at a time for best mixing)

StirStirStir. Slice fruit and serve as a dip or mix together. 


5 PointsPlus for my fine little snack!
Jam packed with 19.5g protein, this should keep me full for a bit!

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