Successful Together: What helps you Walk, Run Jog?

May 04, 2011

What helps you Walk, Run Jog?

For me:
Ipod Shuffle ♥
My phone (had a stop watch feature in it!)
Contact Lenses (my glasses try to fall of my face)
A good hair tie
Keeping my jewelry on.... Weird, maybe but it helps me feel like "me"
A good stretch Session

So you lurkers, QUIT LURKING and speak up ☺

Tell me!


  1. c/o Sophia:
    Spandex--totally un flattering but avoids chub rub.
    Good shoes--Mizunos! Comfort is key!
    Ipod--loaded with an assortment so I am prepared for anymood

  2. I have to agree on the Spandex - my lycra pants I got @ WM yesterday are heaven!! There is not friction and they are so light!
    For me, I make visual goals, and I say ok, I will start @ this telephone pole, and end at that one running.. I make it a bit longer everytime, and just push myself to do it. The more I work out, the more I find that I can make myself do it, and I always feel good afterwards! (I'll post same on the blog as well :) )

  3. * MP3 player - this is non-negotiable.
    * Good shoes - either my Adidas mesh or my NB's.
    * Sports bra - Moving Comfort is THE best ever
    * Moisture-wicking clothing - this is also non-negotiable. The colors & lengths & styles are unimportant, but the fabric has to be MW.
    * Being alone - I can do "buddy-walking" but if I'm goal-focused, NO. Buddy-walking distracts me. Great for walking the dog, not so good if I'm gauging my time against my PR.


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