Successful Together: "Stuffed French Toast"

May 10, 2011

"Stuffed French Toast"

*insert words here* :D

2 oz strawberries, stemmed, diced and rinsed
2 slices light wheat bread
1/4 cup ricotta
sprinkle cinnamon
a few drops vanilla flavoring

Preheat your sandwich griller/snack master/ etc

mix the ingredients, other then the bread together. Smear on one slice of bread, top with the other. Toast til done!

I think an egg dipped version would be good, but this suffices as a quick breakfast/lunch

**NOTE** If you are using a press sandwich grill, you will
need to reduce the filling amount or it will make a mess :)
I love my SuperSnacker since it has "wells" on either side
so you can get all of your yummy goodness in sandwiches :)

5 Points+ for the sandwich


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