Successful Together: Strawberries with Ricotta

May 09, 2011

Strawberries with Ricotta

I knew I needed something in my gut before I went out to walk this morning and so this is what happened :)

1/4 cup ricotta (whole milk kind is what I have)
3 oz strawberries, stems removed, rinsed and pulsed in processor til coarse
Splenda to taste

mix it up :)
Enjoy!!! This was tasty once i got past the texture of the ricotta. I had never actually eaten it out side of lasagna or in the brownies I made the other day! Hooray for new food experiences!

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  1. would love a bowl, sounds refreshing.

  2. what a fun way to start the day. I haven't eaten ricotta with fruit, but do enjoy cottage cheese with fruit, so this looks good too.

    Thanks for the comments this morning -- in fact, you made me realize I had the date wrong! It's next Monday :)


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