Successful Together: Nilla Yogurt Freeze

July 04, 2011

Nilla Yogurt Freeze

I found a pretty awesome deal on Nilla wafers, so now I have a few boxes to do creative things with.
I started with the recipe on the side of the box, which has just a few ingredients and is very versatile. They suggest using regular size muffin cups and whole nilla wafers, but I wanted to make mini ones.

24 Reduced Fat Nilla Wafers, cut in halves
12 oz you favorite flavor low fat yogurt ( I used 2 x 6 oz cups, one peach and one strawberry)
144 g Cool Whip Free, thawed, halved. ( if you don't have a food scale, I determined the amount to use by filling one of the 6 oz yogurt cups about 3/4 full, per 6 oz yogurt, so that should be a decent guideline)

In a mini muffin tin, put in 24 liners.
Place half of a Nilla wafer in the bottom of each one.
If you are doing all one flavor, mix all of the yogurt with all of the cool whip.
If you are doing 2 flavors as I did, mix each 6 oz of the yogurt with 1/2 of the cool whip and stir til well combined.
Divide the yogurt mixture among the liners, approx 1 tablespoon in each one. Once all 24 cups are full, top each with another 1/2 of a Nilla wafer.
Freeze and serve. It takes about 1 hour for them to freeze through.

1 mini Nilla Yogurt freeze = 1 Points+

YUMMY! Next time, I may try Greek yogurt, or mix up some interesting flavor combinations. This is really super easy and tasty!



  1. Love it! I just bought myself a mini muffin tin for a different recipe, but this one looks super great for summer. Plus, there are so many kinds of yogurts, this has endless possibilities.

  2. These look great!! So cute and waistline friendly. I need to try these tasty treats!


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