Successful Together: Right now, I should be... {Writing on the Wall}

February 19, 2012

Right now, I should be... {Writing on the Wall}

I saw this great idea posted over on Mom Does Reviews and I thought it would be great to participate. Up to this point, I have primarily used this blog as a means to post recipes, but aside from a few posts, like this and these, I have kept it rather impersonal. I would really love to start connecting with all of you out there on a more personal level to hopefully help keep all of our motivations high :) I hope you enjoy this and can learn something about me!

Right now you should be doing ______ instead of being on the computer.

Oh this will be fun! There are a plethora of things I could be doing other than being on the computer :)

  • I could be cooking, and I guess I still sort of am, since I have some food in the oven. Sunday is my big cooking day, so from now til about 5 pm, I will be in and out of the kitchen, getting food ready for hubby and me for the week.
  •  I could be cleaning. I am sure we can all agree cleaning is one of those things that is never really done. Give the wreck that kitchen is going to look like in a few hours, I will start to work on that soon. I do already have some dishes in the dishwasher :)
  • I could be making a list. I love a list. And I really do need to make a few! There are things to be purchased from the store, as well as things that need to get done around the house. Oy!
  • I could be working out. And I need to.

So here is to me, getting off my tuff, and getting somethings done today, sans computer. Never fear! I will be back later with recipes and such!

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  1. I love your I should be list. Mine is worse and much longer so I chose a different topic <3 Happy Sunday! Kim @bloggityblogg


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