Successful Together: From The Box: Sunsweet Ones

February 27, 2012

From The Box: Sunsweet Ones

Have you ever had a prune? That makes them sound so ugly. How about a dried plum? Better! Up until today, I had not. I saw the Sunsweet Ones display in my local Bilo and decided, what the heck! Super Awesome Great decision making, Ang!! Seriously. They were yummy AND they taught me a few things :)

From the wrappers:

*Studies indicate dried plums may aid in reversing bone loss
*Natural fiber and potassium may help normalize blood sugar
*Dried plums have more fiber than apples

When was the last time your snack taught you something?

One serving is 4 prunes, and is only:

100 calories
0 Fat
24 Carbs
3 Dietary Fiber
1 Protein

All of that yummy goodness for only 2 PointsPlus Value :)

The price wasn't bad either, when to compare to traditional carry along snacks. This container cost me $2.50 and contains 5 servings. 50 cents for a yummy sensible snack is good for me! :)


* I was not compensated for this post!

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