Successful Together: Chicken, Broccoli and Brown Rice Bake

April 04, 2012

Chicken, Broccoli and Brown Rice Bake

This turned out really good. Mainly just leftovers we had, that needed to be eaten. :) Recipe inspired by the one on the back of the Jiffy box, but just very loosely :D

3/4 lb cooked chicken breast, cubed
14 oz cooked broccoli
1 cup cooked brown rice
3/4 cup shredded 2% cheese
1 1/2 cup Jiffy baking mix
2 Eggs
1 cup milk
1/.3 tsp seasoned salt
1/3 tsp black pepper

Preheat oven to 375. Spray 9x13 baking dish with pan spray. Mix the chicken, broccoli, rice and cheese in the baking dish, spreading evenly over the bottom. Combine the remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat til well combined. Pour in baking dish over the chicken mixture, then stir until everything is mixed well. Cook for 20-35 minutes or until set and cooked through!

12 at 5 PP
8 at 7 PP
6 at 9 PP
4 at 14 PP


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  1. Looks delicious, I love when leftovers turn into somethings so yummy!! Thanks for sharing on Newlyweds recipe linky.

  2. This looks like a delicious meal!

  3. I always use brown rice I love the nutty flavor and the nutritional value. Please share this on my foodie friday linky today.


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