Successful Together: Rainbow Cake

March 28, 2012

Rainbow Cake

We went to NC to visit my Granny for her 75th Birthday party!

With us we took: Breakfast Pizza, Banana Nut Baked Oatmeal Bars and this most fabulous Rainbow Cake. I was going to go through and repost the whole recipe but I think the site where I found the recipe does a super awesome job with that :) It is SOOOO pretty and everyone loved it! The main jist of the recipe is a white cake mix, with diet sprite and food coloring. Easy and fun!!

Aunt Vivian (left) Granny (right) :D

Happy Birthday Granny!


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  1. We've made 7-up cake, but it's never looked so pretty! ;)

  2. I love it! I love all the colors! Pretty!

  3. love the look of the rainbow cake so pretty!

  4. Happy Birthday and you Women look Terrific!

  5. That cake looks great! I love the rainbow colors! =)

  6. Wow,
    That does look gorgeous! I would love to make this for "Holi". A hindu festival of colors.


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