Successful Together: Ugli Fruit

May 06, 2012

Ugli Fruit

Have you heard or seen Ugli Fruit before? And I don't mean the funky moldy stuff :)
Ugli Fruit:

Yes, that is grass behind the saucer.
and yes, i was in the front yard in my PJ's
and yes my husband came around the house and asked if I was trying to find good lighting :)

I have seen these in the produce sections a few times and finally decided to pick one up. I got this ugli from Walmart! After reading some online about suggestions on how to eat and how to prepare it, I learned  that it is easy to peel and eat. I cut the top part a but at the stem to get it started, but then the skin peeled off really easily. Much cleaner than any orange I have ever eaten.

I really enjoyed the flavor of the fruit and so did Ed. I even caught him snagging an extra section out of the fridge and that surprised me. It has a citrus flavor but is very sweet and juicy!

For more information on ugli fruit, check out the links below:


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