Successful Together: My Exotic Ventures (with fruits)

January 30, 2011

My Exotic Ventures (with fruits)

For the first time today, I tried two new fruits!

First, the magnificent Blood Orange. I made my husband watch me as I cut through it so he could see the peculiar red juice that comes out. It is so pretty and so YUMMY! I have heard them described as being an orange with undertones of raspberry, which could very well be. I would say they are sweet and juicy! Interesting fact from WikipediaBlood oranges, like all citrus fruits, are a great source of vitamin C; an average orange provides 130% of the FDA's recommended daily intake. It also provides 28% of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber. Oranges can also be a valuable source of folatecalcium, and thiamine.

Secondly, my sadly over-rippened Mango :)  I am pretty sure I have had mango at some point during my existence but I know I had never bought one. I read online about how to cut one, but I messed it up. I didn't cut the pit out correctly and it was too soft for me to cube it the way the directions told me. But it was still very good, and sweet. I think I will put it in
my smoothie in the morning!

here is a link to a video from on how to do it the right way

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