Successful Together: Something a Little Different: Thankful Thursday {Week One}

October 13, 2011

Something a Little Different: Thankful Thursday {Week One}

See below for full details.

Since my first is early in the day, I will make this an easy and related one. I am thankful for Weight Watchers. As trite as it may sound, the balance and support offered by the program, meeting and people I have met is amazing. It has helped teach me to control myself (most times!) and to push to be what and who I want to be. Pure inspiration. Three years at goal and holding strong. I don't wanna go back!

Around 12/2007

Summer 2011

Original Premise:
Do you remember on Facebook last year how we were suppose to put, in our status, something we were thankful for each day up until Thanksgiving?

Well, we have 8 Thursdays {including Thanksgiving Day} left until Thanksgiving. So, I thought it would be fun to have a "Thankful Thursday" Blog Hop. Every week we each type a post telling one thing we are thankful for. If you want to put more than one that is okay too.

Just explain in your blog what you are thankful for each week for 8 weeks {8 posts}, link up your post(s) here, and then link it back to this post, in your post. Add if you are following my blog and I will be sure to follow you back! (Put *Follows* or {Follows} in your title.) And don't forget to add which "Week" each post is ~ 1 through 8!

So what are you thankful for? Can't wait to hear!

**Just please remember this is a family-friendly blog. Thank you!**



  1. What a great idea! I agree about WW. Now I've just gotta get my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is on it's way! :-)

  2. What a wonderful thing to be thankful for! I am very proud of you...and I know you are very proud of yourself! :) WTG!!


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